Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance


The Insured hasn’t purchased a Public Liability Insurance against accidents, damages and injuries caused to outsiders who use your premises or are affected by your operations. Although Sri Lankans are not very litigious minded, but we see an increased awareness of their rights to claim for compensation caused by negligent acts of others. The situation is aggravated as your premises is frequented by overseas visitors orclients. 


The Cover:

The insurance cover provides indemnity to the Insured in respect of all sums which the Insured becomes legally liable to pay as damages in consequence of bodily injury to or death of a person using the premises and/or loss of or damage to the property of a third party. The insurer will also pay legal costs and expenses in connection with the defence. The policy can be extended to cover worldwide geographical limits in respect of Director’s visits overseas. The annual premium is in the region of Rs. 500- excluding taxes and fees for Rs. 100,000- liability limit.


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