Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance


Medical Insurance is recommended for the staff which will provide reimbursement of medical expenses incurred as an inpatient and/or as an outpatient in hospitals and/or nursing homes in Sri Lanka. This is an important insurance scheme to provide your staff with peace of mind against sudden ailments, sicknesses and surgeries which could be very costly in this day and age. The insurance could be tailor-made to suit each client’s requirements and can include, in addition to the staff member, his/her spouse and children in one group insurance policy. The insurance could be fully subsidised by the company or it could be a contributory scheme. At an additional cost, the medical insurance can be extended to cover any medical emergencies overseas. This is an essential staff insurance which promotes high motivation and moral amongst members of your staff.


The Cover:

The insurance covers medical expenses incurred as an inpatient and can be extended to cover outpatient benefits. Most insurance companies provide cash-less facilities which enables the patient a hassle-free admission to and discharge from the hospital without worrying about finances. This insurance too could be extended to cover critical illness on reimbursement of expenses basis. 

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